Choosing or Switching Your Major

Choosing a major is a big life decision, especially one to make at roughly 18 years old. I think it is way too much pressure to be putting on a young adult—you choose a path of study and you’ll be stuck with that degree the rest of your life—but maybe that’s just me. Regardless, it … Continue reading Choosing or Switching Your Major

Intro to Finding Success

Welcome to Finding Success: College Edition! Here I hope to help students find success in their college careers. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Management in 3 years with a 3.9 and no debt! There are some things I wish I had known before starting school as a young teenager, so I will be exploring … Continue reading Intro to Finding Success

What You Really Need to Bring with You to College

Fact: The majority of freshmen college students over-pack. I was surprisingly not one of them. I admit, I brought a lot of stuff with me to college, but there was hardly anything I did not use that I brought with me. I am going to sketch out a rough list of items that students should … Continue reading What You Really Need to Bring with You to College