First Trimester: Sharing the News

My husband and I waited as long as we could to have children—meaning, until I was close to done with my Bachelor’s and we both felt good about it. After two years of marriage and graduation only a semester away, we decided it was time to start our own little family (or at least start trying). The doctors said on average it takes women around 6 months to get pregnant after going off the pill. So I went off the “pill” in April.

I was only 4 weeks along in June when I got a positive on my pregnancy test. So much for that 6 months the doctors tell you about! But we were blessed to conceive easily and quickly. I hate to hear about couples that struggle with infertility. I cannot imagine the pain it must cause. After getting pregnant a lot of our friends that were also trying asked us how long it took us, and I almost felt hesitant to tell them how quickly it happened out of fear that they may be struggling themselves—I think many of them assumed we had been trying for some time since we had been married a couple years already. But we shared the news with them and of course they were supportive and excited for us!

Taking the pregnancy test was actually my husband’s idea. We were out grocery shopping and he said it would probably be a good idea to pick one up. So we did, and right after getting home I took it without him knowing what I was up to. After being in the restroom for a few minutes waiting for the test to decide, he started knocking on the door out of suspicion. Once the results came in I finally opened the door and excitedly showed him the positive.

I don’t know about you other ladies’ husbands, but he was so disappointingly monotone when I shared the news with him! He was worried it would be a false positive since it happened quicker than expected. I was practically jumping up and down and he kept trying to calm me so I wouldn’t get my hopes up just in case. Well, it definitely wasn’t a false positive. Don’t worry, he has gotten more excited about it since then, he was just worried at the time since I took it so early. We both laugh about it now.

I always thought I would take the test while he wasn’t at home so that I could surprise him with the news in a cute way, but I couldn’t possibly hold it in! Kudos to those of you who can actually hold out and do something fun for your hubbies!

We did our best to keep the pregnancy a secret for as long as we could, just to avoid announcing it and then having a miscarriage. It was extremely difficult though because I was so sick starting in only my 5th week of pregnancy. I began missing some classes and work, and church was about impossible to make it to on Sundays—so of course people started asking questions. I let my professors and some coworkers know as soon as that sickness hit so they knew I wasn’t just being flaky, and we chose to share the news with a few of our good church friends after a few weeks of me missing.

We shared the news with our immediate family around 9 weeks of pregnancy, and then extended family and friends at 14 weeks. Some people announce it sooner, and some later, but this felt like good timing for us!

The picture below is of our awesome pregnancy announcement. I can’t remember if I had the idea while we were engaged or early in our marriage, but James liked it so we went with it!


We can’t wait to welcome this little “milk chocolate” baby into our lives in February! We are so grateful for all the love and support we have had from friends and family. Happy Halloween everyone!

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