Love at First Note

I was up last night thinking about what I wanted to do for my next blog post. I thought about the Music Edition of my blog and how I haven’t put anything up on here yet. I haven’t determined what exactly I want to do with this section, though I figure I will probably end … Continue reading Love at First Note

Maternity Wear: What to Buy

There comes a point in pregnancy when you realize your pants just don’t fit anymore. I reached that point at around 10 weeks of pregnancy—even though I wasn’t showing much yet and I hadn’t even gained any weight, pregnancy caused some bloating that prevented my pants from buttoning. It was a sad day. But alas, … Continue reading Maternity Wear: What to Buy

First Trimester: Beating the Nausea

Morning sickness, or more like all-day sickness, has been the absolute worst part of pregnancy so far for me. It hit me hard during my fifth week of pregnancy, and didn’t let up until about week eighteen. I still feel nauseous occasionally, but haven’t lost my food since that eighteenth week. Morning sickness affects roughly … Continue reading First Trimester: Beating the Nausea