Maternity Wear: What to Buy

There comes a point in pregnancy when you realize your pants just don’t fit anymore. I reached that point at around 10 weeks of pregnancy—even though I wasn’t showing much yet and I hadn’t even gained any weight, pregnancy caused some bloating that prevented my pants from buttoning. It was a sad day.

But alas, I dealt with it and dragged myself shopping to find some maternity wear. I was hesitant at first to buy clothing—who wants to blow hundreds of dollars on clothing that you only wear for a short amount of time? I eventually convinced myself it was necessary, and justified it because I figure I will probably be going through this more than once anyway (who can stop at just one kid, right?). So below I have listed some of the pieces I have bought or used so far in my pregnancy, along with some information on my favorites.

Keep in mind, these are items that have been most needed for me. I am a stay-at-home (almost) mom who blogs and runs an Etsy shop out of her home (check it out at, meaning pencil skirts and nice blouses are not my typical attire. If you are working professionally throughout your pregnancy, your list will vary greatly from mine—though you can probably have some good finds from the same stores I have listed below.

  • new undergarments, including bras

I ditched my typical padded and underwired bras around that 10-week mark. They just weren’t cutting it anymore—so I sacrificed them for something much more comfortable. I found a couple of really nice ones at Walmart of all places. I went for a size that would allow for some growth (one cup and band size bigger than my norm). They are wireless, ultra-soft, and slightly padded bras called Blissful Benefits by Warner’s. I highly recommend them if you are looking for something comfy that still gives you shape and support (for the average-busted size woman).

  • leggings—lots of leggings

Because I do work from home, my daily outfit normally consists of leggings and a comfy shirt (I love being my own boss). Lucky for me I was a LuLaRoe junkie before getting pregnant, so I already had about 7 pairs of leggings in my wardrobe. I have lived in these leggings along with a couple of maternity leggings I bought from Motherhood Maternity. LulaRoe leggings are stretchy and soft, making them great for those lounge-around-the-house-days—I just fold the top band down below my belly so it isn’t uncomfortable.

  • shirts, shirts, shirts

If you are anything like me, you wore your clothing well-fitted before pregnancy—meaning you outgrew them that much quicker once your belly started growing. Because of that, I have had to buy quite a few maternity shirts. For the days that I don’t care, I will just throw on one of my hubby’s t-shirts, but the maternity shirts are nice when I want to wear something cute or flattering for my little belly. Most of my maternity shirts have come from the clearance racks at Motherhood Maternity or Target. I also sport LulaRoe shirts frequently, because they have a looser fit.

  • some nice pants

For the days that I do go out, I have some cute pairs of jeans from Motherhood Maternity. I have a couple colored pairs of skinny jeans, as well as a couple pairs of denim crops.

  • dresses

As I said before, I wore my clothing very well-fitted before pregnancy. So unfortunately my huge stash of dresses did not fit or flatter me for long. I got two really cute maternity dresses from again, Motherhood Maternity. My husband and I are regular church-goers, hence my need for dresses.

  • undershirts and slips

For modesty purposes, I had to splurge on some new undershirts and a dress slip. I couldn’t find what I was looking for at Motherhood, so I went to one of my pre-pregnancy stores for this buy—DownEast Basics—and bought a couple sizes bigger than my norm.

  • jacket/coat

If you live somewhere cold like I do, then you are going to want to invest in at least a light maternity jacket. Some women get very hot when they are pregnant, so you may not need a heavy coat. I have bought one sweatshirt and one light zip-up jacket from Motherhood Maternity so far. I am hoping I don’t need to invest in a maternity coat because they are expensive (coats are expensive regardless of if you are pregnant or not), so I am holding out as long as I can. I also have some cardigans from pre-pregnancy that I can use to layer.

So there you have it! These are all of the clothes I have bought or used so far in my pregnancy. Of all of them, leggings are my go-to because I just want to be comfortable—fashion has, for the most part, hit the sidelines for me during this pregnancy. Below are pictures of some of my favorite finds, with more of my typical look on the left, and my I-am-going-out-and-have-to-care-what-I-actually-look-like look on the right:


Typical-day Clothing Items:

  • “I enjoy long, romantics walks… to the fridge.” maternity top from Motherhood Maternity
  • White undershirt from DownEast Basics
  • Lightweight maternity jacket from Motherhood Maternity
  • Blue-green leggings from LulaRoe

Going-out Clothing Items:

  • Gray shirt with tie from Motherhood Maternity
  • Dark green maternity skinny jeans from Motherhood Maternity

Black Friday is coming up next weekend, so if you are in need of some maternity clothes you might be able to score some killer deals at my favorite stores. Happy shopping!

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