Postpartum Weight Loss

I remember thinking before getting pregnant that I would continue working out throughout my pregnancy. I wanted to stay in shape the best that I could so that losing the baby weight wouldn’t be too difficult. Up to that point I was in pretty good shape, working out 3 days a week doing strength training … Continue reading Postpartum Weight Loss


My Reality of Breastfeeding

I am sure all you mamas out there have heard about, or experienced first-hand, how hard (yet rewarding) breastfeeding can be. Whether you want to breastfeed for three months, six months, a year, or even longer, it is a big time and emotional commitment. To those of you who are currently doing it, have done … Continue reading My Reality of Breastfeeding

Baby Shower Ideas, Checklist, and Free Printables

I am nearly 37 weeks along in this pregnancy and am definitely ready to stop being soooo uncomfortable. But since this little boy hasn’t made his appearance yet, that means I have time to give some quick tips and info on planning a baby shower as well as some free printables that you can use … Continue reading Baby Shower Ideas, Checklist, and Free Printables

Pregnancy Weight-Gain: What to Expect and How Much to Gain

With it being the New Year, my mind has been on those cliché New Year’s resolutions—including one of the most common ones, weight loss. During pregnancy you obviously shouldn’t be dieting or losing weight, but it got me thinking about my weight-gain journey the last few months and how important it is to be aware … Continue reading Pregnancy Weight-Gain: What to Expect and How Much to Gain